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Alabama Crimson Tide Soccer Camps
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         Frequently Asked Questions

 How are campers divided for training and competition?

Campers will be divided based off several factors:
  • Primary: playing ability, gender
  • Secondary: size, age, numbers of campers available

 What if my son or daughter has not played soccer before?

Roll Tide Soccer Academy is open to all levels and abilities including those who have not played before. We recommend the Day Camp and Overnight Camp for rookie or novice players, but all camps are open to any and all entrants and are limited only by number, age, grade level, and/or gender.

 Will there be high level players at the Day Camp? The overnight camps?

Yes and Yes. We will break campers up using the aforementioned criteria, and make sure that all campers are receiving a valuable experience while being challenged by playing with and against campers of a similar level.

 How much spending money should my son or daughter bring?

  • Day Camp - $25 should cover snacks and a simple Crimson Tide souvenir from the Camp Store, UA Bookstore or another Bama gift shop.
  • Overnight Camp - $50 should cover daytime snacks, night-time pizza, and a simple Crimson Tide souvenir from the Camp Store, UA Bookstore or other Bama gift shop.
  • ID Camp – Enough for 1 Night Hotel Lodging + Transportation + Souvenirs + Additional Food – Day 1 lunch, Day 2 breakfast, snacks, meals while traveling

 Am I responsible for my daughter’s lodging, transportation, and security during the ID Camp?

Yes – you must book the hotel, pay for the hotel, and handle any transportation before, during, and after the camp separate from RTSA. We will be using multiple sites around campus during the ID Camp, and campers must be able to drive, bike, or walk to each site. RTSA is not responsible for campers before, in between, or after designated camp sessions. Parental accompaniment and supervision is highly recommended.

 Will boys be challenged at Roll Tide Soccer Academy?

Yes – the UA Women’s coaching staff have each trained, coached, and mentored male players throughout their careers from youth levels to the professional levels. Coach Hart himself was a 6-year starter in the MLS. There are not too many better places in the Southeast to send your son for him to learn what it takes to push to the next level and/or the highest levels. Additionally, RTSA is still currently forming the Camp Staff, but an effort will be made to have a couple men’s college coaches on staff for the Overnight Camp to work with and advise male campers.

 Are parents welcome at camp sessions?

Yes – parents are welcome at all camp sessions and especially for any designated talks or discussions on various topics during the ID or Overnight Camps. Please keep a considerate distance during field sessions to allow for campers to have an independent camp experience.

 Can a camper leave camp to participate in a club or tournament game?

Yes – but only with direct parental communication to Coach Roh – Director of RTSA.

 Can a camper leave the residence hall or training facilities to check out the campus or town?

Overnight campers cannot leave the residence hall or other facilities without permission from Coach Roh. Failure to obtain permission will result in immediate termination from the camp. We prefer that you use time before or after the camp with a parent or guardian to explore UA or Tuscaloosa in greater detail.

 What if we know our daughter or son will miss a day or more of the camp prior to the first day of camp? Can you pro-rate the camp?

Yes – just select the payment option for the camp you desire. Then contact the camp to let us know you are interested in pro-rating and when your camper will not be present. We will then issue a refund to you based on the days missed. If the camper is missing less than a day of activity, there will be no pro-rate option.

We do not pro-rate for ID Camps. Campers can arrive late or depart early with permission/communication, but pro-rating will not take place.

 What is the difference between the Elite and ID Camps?

        Elite         ID
Gender Female Only Female Only
Entering Grade 5 & Above (Campers Grouped By Age)
Entering Grade 9 & Above
4 Days / 3 Nights
2 Days / 1 Night
$540 (Overnight) $245 (Commuter)
Suite-Style Residence Hall w/fellow campers
Discount Camp Hotels w/Guardian
(Not Included in Camp Tuition)
Meals Provided
8 (Includes 5 Meals from local restaurants)
2 (Lunches From Local Restaurants)
# of Field Sessions
# of Classroom Sessions
0 (Optional Recruiting/College Life Talk)
Other Activities
Pool Party, Movie on the Pitch, Bama's Got Talent
Top Level Training
Yes + Soccer Tennis, Futsal, Soccer Horseshoes, etc.
Top Level Competition
Bama School of Goalkeeping
Camp Staff
Bama Coaches & Players; Other Top College & Club/HS Coaches
Bama Coaches & Players; Other College Coaches
Campers are assigned an instructor for the week.
Coach Hart floats to all groups.
Campers Rotate to Work / Interact with All Coaches
Yes - Written Evaluation from Instructor
No - Due to rotation to work with all coaches.
Airport Shuttle
Yes (Birmingham Int Airport only)
Open To Any & All
Yes - all levels of players attend and are very welcome.
Yes - All levels of players attend and are very welcome.

 Whtat is the camps EIN number?

If you are allowed to use camp tuition for tax purposes, the EIN number for Roll Tide Soccer Academy is: 47-3909844