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Alabama Crimson Tide Soccer Camps
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         Bama School of Goalkeeping

Director Jerrod Roh:
Coach Roh is the only coach in the history of college soccer – men or women - to lead goalkeepers to the conference season shutout record in two major conferences – the SEC and the Big 10. He has coached goalkeepers to the program season shutout record at Alabama, Minnesota, Kentucky, and Hamline University in St. Paul, MN. He has coached one All-American, five All-Region, and six All-Conference women’s collegiate goalkeepers. He has also trained international, professional, and collegiate level men’s goalkeepers.

Director's Message:
At the University of Alabama Goalkeeping, we strive to do things the correct way. It’s simple……proper technique in goalkeeping leads to a higher save percentage and a higher percentage of good things happening. We do not avoid a weak side or technique in our game. We relentlessly train through any technical weakness or discomfort that might exist to become complete goalkeepers. We are great distributors of the ball to initiate the attack. We are smart and fearless shot-stoppers. We calmly dominate service played into our range. We command our box and the space behind our defensive back line. We are both agile and hostile to cover our goal and our box.

Day Camp:
All campers will be exposed to basic goalkeeping techniques and positional play. Those who are more full-time goalkeepers will have the opportunity for additional training and playing goalkeeper in games. Set Position, footwork, handling – contour catching (regular, low, high, and side), and collapse diving will be covered in addition to distribution techniques of bowling, throwing, passing/receiving, ball striking, and punting. Positioning, Angle Play, Assessment, Decision, and Call (Keeper or Away) will also be introduced.

Bama Goalkeeping Academy:
Goalkeepers will be taught the techniques, positioning, and decision-making processes of dealing with high balls, dealing with balls in behind the back line (thru balls & back passes), shot-stopping, and goalkeeping as the 1st Attacker – goal kicks, punts, etc. Goalkeepers will have to play with their feet and help build the attack in small-sided games and match play as well as be exposed to managing the restraining line, crosses, and re-starts in large-sided games. Keepers will be prompted to read the game and use their voice to organize and command their team.

ID Camp:
Keepers will be trained to prevent and deal with shots, crosses, thru balls, back passes, and re-starts that either originate or end in the defensive 1/3. Focus topics of the two training sessions will come from the following: 1) Dealing with High Balls 2) Dealing with Breakaways 3) Distribution 4) Angle Play. Camp is staged primarily as a vehicle to assess and evaluate each camper. Instruction and guidance are provided, but campers should be ready to train and compete at a high-level upon registering.

All camps are open to all entrants (limited only by number, age, grade level and/or gender).
Roll Tide Soccer Academy is solely operated by Wes Hart Soccer Academy, which is not affiliated with The Board of Trustees of the University of Alabama or The University of Alabama.